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Both as a personal exercise in creativity and as a theme for a competition, putting together a series of photographs that are based on the song titles on a favorite album is a lot of fun. There are a number of ways you can go about it, so let’s look at a few. They all start with choosing or being assigned an album to use as your theme.

  • Spend a few hours shooting all images relating to the song titles.
  • Go through your archives and find differing images that relate to the titles.
  • In a group, divide the album up and shoot 2-3 “songs” each.
  • Shoot the album as a project spanning a few weeks.

For the examples here, I’ve chosen Pink Floyd’s 1973 album “The Dark Side of the Moon”. Images are after the jump.

Speak To Me - popular Taipei mayor Hau Long-bin makes a speech.

Tai chi in a Taipei park

Breathe - Tai chi in a Taipei park.

Runner finishes the Taipei marathon

On The Run - 42km (26 miles) of pain, a runner about to complete a marathon.

Entrance to Taichung High-speed (HSR) Rail Station

Time - Taichung HSR Station.

Pingxi Sky Lanterns

Great Gig in the Sky - Pingxi Sky Lanterns

Ghost money stacked in a Taiwan temple.

Money - ghost money stacked in a Taiwanese temple.

Protestor looks through a barbed wire barricade.

Us and Them - Barbed wire barricades to keep protestors away.

Taipei Dihua St Fabric Market

Any Color You Like - Choosing fabric in Taipei.

Bar in Taipei

Brain Damage - drink too much and that's what you might get :)

Lunar Eclipse


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