Focus For Humanity Fellowship Grant

Ba Jia Jiang, Guandu Mazu Festival, Taiwan

Guardian of the Gods, Taiwan

For photographers who desire to work in the field of humanitarian photography, providing images to NGO’s there’s never been a better time to get started. With the recent launch of Focus For Humanity, photographers now have an excellent opportunity to make that happen. Applications are currently open for the Focus For Humanity Fellowship Grant, a US$15 000 grant to help emerging photographers in the humanitarian and cultural field get the start they need to jump into full time photography.

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Focus for Humanity - helping photographers to focus on Humanity

Focus For Humanity offers two main awards, this fellowship for the emerging photographer and NGO-Pro which will be announced later in the year, for a photographer who is already working with an NGO. To be eligible for the current fellowship, which is open for two months, a photographer must be someone who is not currently engaged in the process of selling and licensing photography.

Included in the US$15000 grant is a $5000 equipment budget, a year’s membership of IGVP, mentoring with one of the Guild members and business & marketing coaching. The fellowship will be awarded by means of a comprehensive portfolio review and an online application. Interested photographers may submit one proposal per year. The recipient of the award has the choice of working a project on their own, or creating one in conjunction with the FFH Advisory Council, which includes such photographers as David du Chemin, Gavin Gough, Matt Brandon, Jeffrey Chapman, Karl Grobl, Edoardo Agresti and Mario Mattei.

Focus For Humanity is a US-based non profit organisation that aims to support both amateur and professional photographers in the fields of cultural and humanitarian photography. With financial support, training and mentoring, FFH offers tools for photographers to pursue their dreams in this often underfunded arena. Applications so far are coming from photographers around the globe, so get yours in now.

For photographers already working professionally, September will see the announcement of a grant for you. Additionally, grants for workshops begin early 2011 which will be offered on a quarterly basis.

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