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  1. Garretmclarkephotography on · Reply

    Thanks a lot Craig! This is an area that I know very little bit about but have probably given rights away many many times.!

    • Unless you’ve read the t&c carefully, then it’s almost certain that you have. I think every almost every photographer has probably done the same at some point.

  2. The real problem isn’t where you sign up: it’s when the TOS is unilaterally changed by the company AFTER the fact. And you may login not even realizing that the TOS has changed, thereby consenting to something that you didn’t intend to consent to. The reality: unless you specifically choose or control the release of your content, once it’s on a web 2.0 site,you pretty much have lost control of it. 99.9% of the time it doesn’t really matter for most people, but it’s that 0.1% that might make a difference. So I suggest you host your photos on your own site, if at all. Then you can control who sees what, when and how.

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