14 comments on “Taiwan’s Other Pod Village

  1. Islaformosa on · Reply

    “What few people know however is that there was another pod village development constructed as well.” Where???

  2. Josh Ellis on · Reply

    In the last picture it looks like you can see Turtle Island (龜山島) in the background. Are they in Yilan?

  3. Stjohn Dunn on · Reply

    OK… sow where in Northern Taiwan- Mr. F you need to be a little more detailed in that answer!

  4. Rasta_adrian on · Reply

    I so need to visit these, what’s the detailed location of this abandoned place pleeaaasee

  5. Great shots. I’d almost forgotten about these. An acquaintance in the late 90s owned (rented?) one of them, one of the square ones, so I’ve actually been in one of them. Weird buildings.

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