Photography Projects For A Rainy Weekend

One of the photos you'll learn to create.

One of the photos you’ll learn to create.

Bad weather need no longer be the curse of photographers. I’m pleased to announce that my first video tutorial course Photography Projects For A Rainy Weekend is now available. Featuring 14 lectures over 2 hours, I guide you through a series of photography projects that you can do around the home using a minimum of equipment. From simple setups that only require some window light and a camera through more complex multi light setups you can learn techniques for photographing food, smoke, flowers and water drops. Also there’s a section on self-portraits and some DIY light modifiers you can easily make for yourself. For the first 3 days, if you use the code cfi50 you can have Photography Projects For A Rainy Weekend for half price. The usual price is $30 but if you act before March 13 you can get it for only $15.

That’s not all. I’m excepting a limited number of people for an affiliate program so if you’re interested drop me a line and let me know. You can help spread the word and make a bit of extra money for yourself. Best of all, affiliates will get all future video tutorials for free.

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